Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An Oregon Cottage

Meet Jami and her wonderful family over at An Oregon Cottage

Jami is all about living the simple life.  Her blog is like breathing fresh air. Ahhhhhh......

She has an amazing garden, growing all sorts of delicious goodness.  Have you ever seen some of these tomatoes?  Check out her Tomato Talk where she describes her different tomatoes and tips about them... even if you don't like
 or care for tomatoes, browse around at the beautiful flowers blooming in her garden.   Ahhhhh.....

Look at these transformations!  Her Remodeling Series is amazing.  The before and after pictures of the garage & porch transformation make me drool.  I am a sucker for huge rocking chair size porches and those are hard to come by out here in the desert.   Ahhhhh.....

Her baking skills are one for the books also.  I am just excited that she posts pictures along with her step by step instructions.... thanks for showing the love to all of us wanna-bes out there.  Her Sandwich Bread recipe is Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm!  (Yes, I really have made it!)

Take a "walk" through her wonderful blog and be sure to leave her some love!

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  1. Wow- thanks for the great write-up! You made it sound so nice, I even wanted to go take a look at it. :-)