Monday, November 16, 2009

Brabourne Farm

Brabourne Farm is a stunning Australian blog that is full of wonderment.

This is one of the pictures posted of a magnificent garden in Australia, South Highlands that they visited called Whitley.


This blog displays their love for paintings, flowers, and decorating!

Here is a pic from a great post of welcoming guest bedrooms.

I'd stay here any day!

This blog leaves you wanting more. You'll find yourself checking back just to see what love they will display next! Be sure to let them know you're visiting from Blabbing About Blogs!


  1. Oh I'm a fan of Braborne Farm. Leigh finds the most amazing pictures and has a totally gorgeous place herself.

    Thank you so much for the invite, sounds great. Couldn't find your email on the page, if you could pass it on I'll reply.

    Thanks so much,
    xoxo DJ

  2. never been there and looking forward to checking them out! thx for stopping by!

  3. I love Leigh's blog - she always has the most beautiful choice of images, xv.