Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Farm Girl Paints

Farmgirl Paints

This blog is the all encompassing blog!

This blog is written by a Farmgirl who truly paints!

This is a woman who's full of Faith, Health, Family, and Friendship and she paints about all of these!

She is constantly challenging herself to set goals and meet goals, and invites you to join her in these adventures.

Don't miss out on what Farmgirl Paints brings to the blog world! Be sure to check out this blab worthy blog and leave some love.


  1. Thank you sweet Amanda. Your words blessed me today:)

  2. Love your blog! Love her blog! This was such a great idea because we can keep checking back and getting introduced to new ones. Way to go girl! I found you through Lemonade Makin' Mama - she's a hoot isn't she?? Have a good day ~ ♥

  3. Hi Amanda,

    Thank you for the good word about Farmgirl Paints! I found her blog several months ago and have enjoyed getting to read her posts and discover more about her life and family.

  4. Hi Amanda!

    Love your blog! Oh, and I love reading Becky's's fab!