Friday, December 4, 2009

English Muse

Just to give you a glimpse into what this blog encompasses I'll quote her directly...

I'm a contributing editor at the Huffington Post and a freelance writer covering Hollywood. Previously, I was a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times. Welcome to the English Muse, my personal blog"

This blog is not afraid to tackle the hard topics and ask the hard questions. This blog is vulnerable, current, and captures so much beauty.

Here's a picture of the supermodel Daul Kim who committed suicide this past week. Instead of ignoring this the question was asked "Is the modeling world to harsh?" Should that amount of pressure be put on anyone?

Check it out!

Remember that vulnerability I was talking about? This post is just genuine and true. This picture completely captured the essence of the post and portrayed the defeated feelings she felt. There's something to be said about someone willing to be honest about the good times and the bad!

We all could use a little vulnerability in our lives. Thank you for leading by example!

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