Friday, December 11, 2009

Freelance for Hire

With so many talented bloggers out there, I am sure there are some that can relate to Dominique - a freelance writer from NYC.

In her newest blog, you can follow her on her journey to establish herself as a freelance writer.

Wow! Look at all her talents...

"I am the mastermind behind Searhing for Freelance Success- a publishing/freelancing focused blog, the freelance editor working with ACT, the founder and organizer of Mommy Writers, as well as the facilitator of the Mommy Writers free online writing workshops, the Brooklyn Motherhood Examiner, and the creator and editor ofBalancing Act - a web zine written for women writers, by women writers.
Did I forget to mention that I have also contributed guest posts to different online blogs, including Half of a Duo, Raising a Duo and Emma Lai Writes?"

Writing is one of those things that I have never had skill in. Maybe that why I like this blog... I can just tell you all what I think and don't have to worry about my grammatical skills. Ha! I know so many of you are wonderful writers though - I read so many of your fabulous blogs all the time and wish I had some writing talent.

Maybe you enjoy writing?
Maybe you sometimes feel stuck with your writing?
Check our Paralysis for some tips on how to avoid it and even how to prevent it.

Ooo... How about some FREE CLASSES? Maybe that is what I need...

Take a gander at Dominique's blog and leave her some comment love! And as always, make sure to tell her that you found her through Blabbing About Blogs!

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