Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sweeter Homes

May I introduce you to Sweeter Homes

Come take a peek at the different homes she highlights to give you decorating inspiration, architectural ideas, or just to ooo and aaahhh at.

As I have mentioned before - us blabbers live in the desert and can't even imagine having a Christmas tree with a view of the water! Amazing! Oh... to have a beach house at Christmas...

This dining room picture is from a Before and After post featuring an apartment. I love to drool at pictures of large fabulous homes but I really enjoyed this post highlighting a small apartment because that is really closer to the size of my own home - gotta keep myself grounded every once in a while.

How cool is this chair? And if only I could be that organized with my shoes...
In a world without little kid fingerprints and dirty hands... this would be amazing!

Doesn't this breakfast nook just want to make you sit down and stay for a while?

Dreamgirl will also post pictures of the inside of celebrity homes that are for sale! I guess I am very nosey because I am so intrigued by these posts!
This one is Whoopi's...

I hope you enjoy Sweeter Homes as much as I do! Check it out and leave some comment love for Dreamgirl. And while you are at it, make sure to tell her you found her here!


  1. Makes me look at my house and go, "oh". I love inspiration though!!! Have a good one ~ ♥

  2. Oh I love that first photo. Heavenly!!!

  3. Love Whoopi's place. I've always had a secret yearning to live in a big ole wide open loft. What a great place to paint. Look at that natural light.

  4. Well of course my house looks just like that ...NOT! Still it's nice to look at other people's space.