Friday, October 30, 2009

TomKat Studio

Kim has a "serious passion for parties"

She is the creative brain behind

She passes her passion on to other bloggers out there who need a little inspiration, featuring both her own creations as well as others. Her stuff is great for those who are looking to add some great ideas to their upcoming party and even better for those of us who need some serious help in the creativity department.

Look at these invitations she created along with her famous cupcake toppers! You have to check out the rest of this adorable Ladybug birthday party! Precious!

Besides her passion for parties, she is a talented graphic designer - designing not only invitations but also baby announcements.
The best is her Etsy shop where she sells the files for her cupcake toppers to do it yourself!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An Oregon Cottage

Meet Jami and her wonderful family over at An Oregon Cottage

Jami is all about living the simple life.  Her blog is like breathing fresh air. Ahhhhhh......

She has an amazing garden, growing all sorts of delicious goodness.  Have you ever seen some of these tomatoes?  Check out her Tomato Talk where she describes her different tomatoes and tips about them... even if you don't like
 or care for tomatoes, browse around at the beautiful flowers blooming in her garden.   Ahhhhh.....

Look at these transformations!  Her Remodeling Series is amazing.  The before and after pictures of the garage & porch transformation make me drool.  I am a sucker for huge rocking chair size porches and those are hard to come by out here in the desert.   Ahhhhh.....

Her baking skills are one for the books also.  I am just excited that she posts pictures along with her step by step instructions.... thanks for showing the love to all of us wanna-bes out there.  Her Sandwich Bread recipe is Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm!  (Yes, I really have made it!)

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Money Saving Methods

These days, everyone is all about saving some money but this wonderful blogger has taken it to the next level...

As I sit here and write this - she has almost $42,000 in savings and earning for this year so far!
WHAT?!?  That is amazing!

In her blog she shares her wonderful secrets on... 
surveys that pay
amazing internet deals
free samples to sign up for

and a step by step Getting Started guide on how to do it all!

Carrie is the fabulous blogger behind all of it.  She is a stay at home mommy of 3 children that left the business world to stay at home with her children and has discovered all these great ways to defer the loss of her income.

Thank you Carrie for sharing all this valuable information with the blog world!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Concrete and Honey

Concrete & Honey is a blog full of world travels, home decorating inspirations, and gorgeous flowers. All things girlie and beautiful are all things Concrete & Honey. I can't wait for you to check it out!
She includes pictures of her world traveling and all the fun home decor or street gardens she comes across. She shares pictures of her space and has a specific place for white home decor in her heart.

Do you not just feel like you can smell these gorgeous flowers? This is just a glimpse into the many stunning flowers that she runs into throughout her day! It's a blog filled with serenity and beauty. Definitely Blab Worthy!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ada and Darcy

Ada & Darcy from "down under" is filled with this girl's contagious passion for interiors, fashion, flora, and everything beautiful. It's amazing how this blog really makes you feel like you've caught a glimpse of the beauty she sees in everything!

Do you see this living room? Yes Please! I love browsing through this blog and dreaming about all the decorating I wish to do in the future. Well, now that I'm thinking about it this living room will never be in my future because I'm just too messy, but oh how I dream to be able to keep a white room white! And thanks to Ada & Darcy I'm able to keep those dreams alive.

One of my favorite posts has some of the most stunning pictures of an amazing outdoor wedding that makes you want to go back in time and redo everything! Well maybe not everything, but how romantic is this post? I mean, the dress is beautiful, the flowers are stunning, and there's nothing better than riding a bike on your wedding day through a serene I right?

You will not be disappointed when checking out Ada & Darcy! It's definitely Blab Worthy mates!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Anderson Family

You absolutely must check out this fab blog! The Anderson's are so precious and this blog is a walk through their journey as a family of four! Her writing style makes you feel encouraged and like you're a part of the family as if they've welcomed you into their living room.

This post embraces the essence of her encouragement that she offers to the blogging world. Her dedication to her husband and children saturate this blog. We know you'll be as encouraged as we were as we blabbed about this blog!

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

A quick blab about this blog...

Have you ever found yourself sitting around with your girlfriends and all the sudden you are talking about all the blogs you have been stalking or new ones you have found?

Maybe we are the only ones... but maybe not.

We are just two friends that love blogs and love to blab about them.

Topics like fashion, family, photography, cooking, etc... we love them all and we thought we might share some of the blogs we have come across that are blabworthy.

Be it a blog newbie or an old treasure - we want to share them with you and highlight some great bloggers out there!

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Suggest A Blabworthy Blog

We are always looking for fun, interesting and exciting blogs. 

If you know of a blog that you think is blab worthy, please let us know! 
Send us an email at

Please include the link to the site and why you think it's blab worthy, and we will check it out! 
We look forward to your suggestions!

Friday, October 16, 2009

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