Friday, January 22, 2010

Debt Kid

I stumbled on this blog the other day and it has really intrigued me...

In his early 20's, after accumulating over $250K in debt, he began to pick up the pieces and started this blog...

"I started this blog originally as just a journey to keep me on track, as well as have a place to process everything that was happening. That’s still pretty much the focus of the blog, though I do write some helpful posts like how to raise your credit score from time to time.

I don’t know what my future is going to look like. I do know that I’ve grown a ton in the past year, largely in part because of this blog. My readers keep me accountable and inspire me to keep going, even when I get overwhelmed with the enormity of the situation."

These last few years have been a little rough for most people. There has been a shift in focus to eliminating debt and this blog is a great resource.

This blogger has a entire DebtKid Blog Team of about 8 people that contribute to this blog (click the link to meet them) that are all in the process of eliminating their debt. They all have a different story but all share the same ultimate goal.

Follow along these journeys... pick up some interesting information... learn something new...

Jessica tells about the Turning Point in her journey here. She shares an interesting perspective of a situation she had at a bus stop that most wouldn't have even thought twice about.

This post is worth checking out too... You Are Not What You Drive, Right? I hate to admit it but the city I live in is full of what I have heard termed "$30,000 millionaires". Hmmm...
"I drive a Dodge Stratus!"

Here are 5 Lessons From Financial Peace University that are worth taking a look at.

What I have really enjoyed about this blog so far is the honesty. No one has it all figured out... everyone is on a journey... and honest journey to reach their goal and sharing their tips along the way.

Take a browse at DebtKid and take a look around!
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