Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm an Organizing Junkie!

Meet Laura - a work at home mom in Canada.

Not only does she have a love for organizing (she refers to herself as ' The Freak') but she is darn good at it!

Do you need a little organizing help or someone to just share the "organizing passion" with? Check out her Process to getting your organizing started.

She also does Product Reviews! Get the real scoop on whether or not something is really worth it or lives up to its promises.

How about her affinity for containers? Can anyone else out there relate?
I definitely can... except my picture would be full of wooden baskets of all sorts instead of plastic. I confess that I will use a basket anywhere that I can to store things.

If you have ever surfed the mom blogger world, it would be hard to have missed seeing Menu Plan Monday on someone's blog. Laura is the culprit to starting this link party. Writing menu's weekly has always been something that I do but I like to check hers out (and browse through some of the links) because a lot of times people post the recipes with their menus! I am often looking for ways to get out of my cooking rut of the same 5 meals.

Laura's blog is fabulous and gives that boost of motivation needed to get things organized... or at least the motivation to think about organizing...

Check our I'm an Organizing Junkie and tell her we said Hello!


  1. Yay, thanks so much for featuring my site today!! So nice!!

  2. I love Laura and her blog! I've even had her as a guest on my talk show. Thanks for giving her a shout-out!