Monday, January 4, 2010

The Mother Huddle

As quoted from their blog...

"The Mother Huddle is just as the name
suggests-a place where mothers can gather and share all the things they would if they were huddled up on a blanket in the park. We are a group of mothers scattered across the country with varying interests, talents and ideas that we share with each other (and anyone else willing to listen) in the form of a blog and seven weekly articles. We encourage you to join in the huddle, have a sit on our blanket and share your talents, and ideas with us as well."

With a little something different every day - this blog will keep you coming back for more!

I have this odd love for journals. Now, I love my computer but there is something about the old fashioned pen and paper that I am drawn to... especially with pretty covers like these.
Here's how on a MAKE IT MONDAY segment.

How about homemade oreo cookies on this Christmas post from MARIA'S KITCHEN?
Umm... yes please!

My baby girl is only 1 but I am going to file this one away to use with her in the future... This CRAFTY KIDS CORNER post shows you how to make a handmade plate for Santa's cookies!

I love this idea of THE BULLET LIST. Whatever the topic is - the goal is to create a list of 20 bullet points. This one is perfect for the New Year... 20 Ways to Add Balance and Simplify.

Check out this post from the SIMPLY CHARMED LIFE segment on having an attitude of gratitude... maybe even start a gratitude journal... in your new hand crafted journal from Make it Monday.

How about this post from SEW BE IT on making a Simple Scarf in 30 minutes!

Or how about these wine charms featured on KATE'S FABULOUS FINDS segment?

So many crafty and creative things along with some soul encouragement all in this wonderful blog! Head on over to browse around for a bit. Don't forget to leave them some comment love and let them know where you found them!

By the way...
HAPPY 2010!


  1. Thanks ladies! I have you on our post today!

  2. I just found your blog and I am looking forward to reading all of your blog suggestions!

  3. Thanks for the heads up...looks like a fun place.

  4. Love the Blabbers, but hey. How about something for us guys. Not that I don't love the food blogs, I do. I'm a food network addict but maybe just a little taste for the males of the species?