Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chronicles of Sharnia

I know.. kind of a creepy way to start out this post... especially after slacking this week! I have so many great blogs that I want to feature but I read THIS post on Chronicles of Sharnia and thought it was worth sharing... Blabworthy I guess you could say.

If you haven't clicked over there yet let me introduce you to this blog... Chronicles of Sharnia.

"Once an urban party gal, Sharnia is now a Mama living in a small town with a farmer and their son.
She has finally learnt that happiness is something that comes from within. Not from clothes, where you live, or what you consume."

Now that you have met, let me go back to the picture I started with. She wrote about true beauty and how we as women get so lost in what the media tells us we need to look like.
"WE ARE good enough and it has NOTHING to do with what we look like!"

Amen to that!

She doesn't always write such intense blog posts. She shares her life, her thoughts, interviews, book reviews, and everything in between. For a chuckle check out her Ode to PMS. I am sure a lot of women can relate!

Head on over and get to know Sharnia. Be sure to say HI when you visit and let her know that the Blog Blabbers say HI too!

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  1. Ah thankyou! No I am not ever that intense usually!!! Might have been PMS related !! Thanks so much guys!