Monday, February 22, 2010

Scottsdale Daily Photo

You might not know this but Blabbing About Blogs International Headquarters is based out of beautiful Phoenix Arizona! You might just picture cheesy cowboys and indians when you think of the Desert Terrain but we are far from that! Phoenix/Scottsdale/Paradise Valley etc. are stunningly beautiful and this blog really captures the beauty of The Valley Of The Sun!

Scottsdale Daily Photo posts a picture a day of something beautiful and authentic to Scottsdale Arizona!

This is a picture of Camelback Mountain, one of the most well known mountains in the valley! You can hike it, live on it, and gaze at it from miles away. It is beautiful and one of our well known landmarks! (And it actually does look like a camel laying down.....depending on the angle you're at)

One of my favorite things about Phoenix Arizona, is we get to look at this almost every sunset. There is never a sunset that disappoints out here and it is a powerful reminder of the beauty of our desert we live in!

Even if you don't live in Arizona you must admire this great blog and the beautiful photography and it will make you want to come out and visit us! (I would suggest avoiding the summer and coming out during fall/spring/or even winter) It will give you a break from wearing that parka! As you know it's middle of February, and we enjoyed a week of highs in the mid 70's!

Perfect Convertible Weather!