Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Simply Modern Mom

Don't we all need a little simplicity?
She says it best as she introduces herself...
"I realized all modern moms had a common need. Simplicity. So I steered the site into becoming a tool for modern moms to simplify their lives. Modern moms don’t have time to read elaborate articles. Modern moms want quick, simple, easy to do ideas that are feasible for any mom’s lifestyle. Simplicity is my life motto. I am constantly looking for ways to simplify and systemize many aspects of my life."

Are any of you listers out there? And by lister I mean that you like to make lists.
Bonus point if you knew that it is actually a word!
(Yes, I had to look it up to double check).
But you don't have to be a lister to enjoy her Friday's 5 at 5. How about this list... 5 other uses for bed sheets! I don't think I have ever thought there could be 'other uses' for bed sheets. But then again, I come by my lack of creativity honestly.

Maybe you would be interested in joining...
She has committed, with her husband, to put aside the excuses and commit to having a date night at least once a week.

She is quite the crafty girl as well. How cool are these Glass Pendants?

Check out all the different aspects of Simply Modern Mom and you just might find that one part that reaches out to you.

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