Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scottsdale Moms Blog

We figured after a little bloggy break that we would come back with a new favorite!

over at

Scottsdale Moms Blog is the new adventure of two friends that found themselves looking for things to do with their new little ones and connect with other moms.

Now, I know that this blog at first glance may seem to only pertain to our little home here in the Southwest BUT have a look around and you will find even more info and links for topics on all things mom and baby like...

Natural Childbirth - could it be for you?

Breastfeeding resources

or how about tips for traveling with your baby?

For those desert moms out there - this is a blog you will want to bookmark!

How about some Momsense?
"mom·sen·se (mɒm sens) noun 1. practical motherly intelligence that is sensible or reasonable 2. a
mother’s mental discernment, realization, or recognition – She has momsense. OR She used her momsense to determine that something was amiss."

Check out this post from a mom regarding some "momsense" about preschoolers and babies.

Need some new ideas for date nights with the hubs? Hang around Scottsdale Moms Blog.

And did I mention giveaways? Woohoo! Count me in!

All you moms out there will want to hop on over and check out their blog! Maybe it will inspire you to create one for your town too?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Never fear... we are still here!

I guess you could say the two of us took a little blogging vacation. Sometimes life can get a little hectic (certainly none of you have ever experienced that - Ha! I'm so sure!) but we are back with some great blogs to feature!

Be on the look out next week...