Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Imperfectly Beautiful

Let me introduce you to Amanda...

"I started this blog with the hope that I might inspire other women to embrace their creativity."

My favorite part is that she has embraced the "imperfections" of her work and that things don't have to be perfect to be beautiful.  
(Though as I look at her blog - everything I look at looks amazing)

What amazing looking wall decor?  Love how it is Pottery Barn "inspiration"

If only I had a mantel like this to work with.  Check out Parade of Mantels to see all the ways she has "tweaked" her mantel decor - even for all the holidays!

How about this enhanced hand towel... go from drab to fab without buying all new towels!
(Sorry - 'drab to fab' so cliche sounding but it just fits... and now I said it twice!  Yikes!)

This part is what makes her so real and honest... 
she posted about her remake on this table (which looks great to me) but then is honest about her dislike of her work and how she wants a "do over".  Not everything always works exactly the way you want and I appreciate that honesty.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing what she does with it!

Head on over to check out Amanda at Imperfectly Beautiful and let her know that we sent you!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Small Earth Vintage

When I happened upon this Small Earth Vintage I knew immediately that it was blab worthy!  I admire men and women who have a passion for fashion and not just a passion but boldly go where so many of us are nervous to go!  This website has so many gorgeous shoes and dresses featured that I wish I would look good in because they're stunning!

If you want any of this's all available in their etsy shop!

To describe this blog in their words...

"Small Earth Vintage is Andy and Karen. They've been buying and wearing vintage all their lives; they've been treasure-hunting together for the past ten years. When Andy isn't treasure hunting, pedi-cabbing, or learning his way around an apple orchard, he likes to run marathons, cook, and nap. When Karen isn't on Etsy, she likes to read Scandinavian mysteries, make classic cocktails, and watch old movies. Together they like to thrift and take road trips--with their amazing wonderdog, Lucy."

Check out these beautiful silver shoes!

I love this dress!  I want to wear it out on a girls night!  It reminds me of spring weather where you walk around outside with a cute clutch and go shopping with your girlfriends with the clear skies and sunshine.  It's amazing what I can come up with when I see a fabulous dress!

I really enjoy Small Earth Vintage and I know you will too!  Don't forget to leave some vintage blabbing love via comments when you check them out!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hip Hostess

If you're looking for all things party decor...this is the place to be!   This is her one stop shop of how to put together the best party ever!  From decorating, to recipe's, to color palettes you won't go wrong by checking out this blog!

This picture is from a post that links to 24 different ideas of outdoor decorating for parties.

I love this idea of having plants that survive on volcanic rock!  How cool and so zen this is!

And here are my all time favorite suggested decorations she found.  Check out these wonderfully festive polka dotted balloons.  What a great catch!

I love hosting parties, and now I know that this is the place to check out if you're looking for the hippest ideas out there!  Be sure to check out Hip Hostess!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bringing Lady Back

"I created this blog for those who would like to live in a world where we can be free from the insipid insult and protruding pantie. Here you will find a collection of inspiring rules and quotes for women of all ages to refer to in order to live a more beautiful, fulfilling life."

Amen, sista!

Every day she brings us a new quote in some relation to being a lady.  This blog is hysterical and inspirational all at the same time.

Here are a few samplings... and comments by me in italics

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you've gotta put up with the rain." ~ Dolly Parton
We all need that reminder every once in a while.

Lip liner should match or be 1 to 2 shades darker than your lipstick. Not 5.

ohmygoodness... yes!

Walk tall. 
Instant confidence, and the quickest 5 pounds you'll ever lose.
How about 15?

Mind your entrance and exit of a car.
Can I add... and look fabulous doing it?

Carry spare change in your car to support lemonade stands.
So sweet! (Pun completely intended)

And my personal favorite...

Reach down and touch your toes at least once a day. Your great-great grandmother could touch her toes up until the day she died {at 97} and was darn proud of it.

Bringing Lady Back is a wonderful lighthearted blog that is sure to put a smile on your face!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thrifty Decor Chick

Yep - that pretty much sums it up.

Let me introduce you to Sarah.

(from her blog...)

" Hello! My name is Sarah.
I love decorating on the cheap.
I love Goodwill and thrift stores.
I love molding and the amazing difference it makes in any home.
I love being creative.
I love saying "lurve" and "caaaute" any chance I get.
I love copying a $200 piece and making my own, but better, for less than $20.
I love New York City so much we got married there.
I love painting walls, furniture, the cat -- if it makes the cat look better.
I love NKOTB.
I love God for this life I
I love you all for reading my goofiness.
And most of all, I love my husband and children, for their complete support, love and understanding (especially when it comes to NKOTB). "

Sarah has a unique creativity to not only design wonderful looks in her home but also to do it on a budget. I feel like it is so easy for "cheap" decorating to actually look "cheap" but Sarah has a way of making all things fab-u-lous.

Look how great this look is for her son's room. Now, I don't have a boy but I can imagine so many different directions with something like this. How creative and "out of the box"!
Don't worry... she includes step by step directions AND pictures.

How about this for some help... TOOL SCHOOL! Forget about being intimidated by those tools. Ok, maybe I am still a little intimidated to start a project using these but I still love the lesson. Baby steps, right?

I even love how down to earth and real that Sarah is. While every corner of her home is decorated, I appreciate that is is able to share a bit of reality. While in most pictures, her home looks like this...

... life catches up with us and you might find toys or other projects lying around.
You will have to click HERE to see the "in real life" pictures.

This is one of my favorites...
Once upon a time there was carpet on those stairs. What a project! I am not sure I would ever have the guts to pull up my carpet on my stairs and figure out how to make the underneath look that great. Hmm... maybe one day... I'll invite Sarah to my house ;)

With a little bit of humor and an honesty that you can relate to (including decor mishaps), Thrifty Decor Chick is definitely worth checking out.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lily Lemontree

Lily Lemontree is truly that....reviving the charming arts! I love this site because I love the glamour of movie stars and fashion and all that lifestyle entails! I'm not very good at keeping up though on the latest Glam Shots of celebrities, but now I don't have to be! I've got Lily Lemontree!

Here's a picture from a cover shoot with Tina Fey!

You know how I said I love fashion........this is my fashionista! Victoria Beckham has the best style! If I could replicate anyones style, I think it would be her. Ha! In my dreams!

I love convertibles but I could never make one look as good as Penelope Cruz does!

Can't you see why I love this blog so much? It's glamour wrapped up with a pretty bow. Forget all that googling and TMZing and just come check out Lily Lemontree for all the celebrity glam you can find!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beach Vintage

Have you ever wanted to decorate your house for really cheap but have it look like a gorgeous bungalow? Well have I got the blog for you!

Beach Vintage is a blog dedicated to Thrifting By The Sea!

Check out this old stool....

It's like Cinderella turning into a beautiful princess ready for a Royal Ball!

If you're into DIY projects this is the site for you. It's how to do Thrift the right way and make it unique and beautiful for your own personal taste!

You've gotta check out Beach Vintage! You won't be dissapointed!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Young House Love

the name says it all

and I love this young house!
The house itself isn't young but several years of work has appeared to take decades off!

If you haven't yet stumbled across this blog, let me introduce you to Sherry and John.
This young couple traded in their Manhattan spaces for a cute little home in Virginia that was in need of a little pick me up.

Through the last 3 years, Sherry and John have chronicled their journey of redecorating and renovating... and the fun is still going.

I found it so inspiring that my husband and I are staining our concrete patio this weekend! Eek!

They have tutorials for everything from painting a bookcase

or even painting your kitchen cabinets
They have even opened up an online shop and between their own projects, writing articles for well known magazines, and appearing on HGTV, they also do custom mood boards for people who need inspiration for their room! Whew! These are some busy and inspiring people!

Get to know Sherry and John and it just might inspire the DIYer in you!